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The General's Mistress

soroojackdinsvil.tk/cyxef-vatan-bilgisayar.php No stratagems would be enough. And so the son became her father and husband. An ancient dance played itself out, one that would never satisfy—the mother projecting her lost love onto her boy and the boy projecting his dire need for love onto his mother, a collusive and corrosive contract of desperate need and unavoidable betrayal. For the first time, the quest would lead him away from his mother to other able-bodied female companions. His eyes narrowed on young, budding Princesses to court, on other breasts to feed on.

A small part of his mother cried in pain.

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She was losing her son. The weight of the contract bore deep in her heart—the agreement, the pact signed in blood. A cauldron of anger smoldered from under her quivering skin: How dare he break our sacred vow! How dare he leave me! The Prince left the nest for good. Princess after Princess he searched high and low, requesting, and often demanding, in so many covert ways, the unrequited love of his mother. The stratagems used—the beguiling means of proving himself to his maiden and seeking attention from her—had a similar quality as those used with his mother.

They were familiar in essence, yet expressed in creatively novel ways. Perhaps she could win his love, earn his favor. Ruses akin to those used with her father were wielded to get what she longed for from the Prince. The Princess ate up his swagger, swooned over his intellect, blushed at his humor.

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Lists with This Book. Dec 05, Jutta rated it really liked it. The numinous. That trend got even worse with this one. And the more I have got involved in working on inequality, the more I have appreciated that it is both possible but also very hard to win the fight against it — because it is a fight where so much power in wealth, in social dominance, and in hegemony of ideas is weighted against it.

With certain Princes, the Princess will be the strong, caring arm for his delicate, sensitive, Poor Me nature. That will be the contract. And, likewise, the Prince made her feel like she mattered by allowing her to gather him in her arms and tend to his boyish needs with tender kisses, just as his mother used to do. But soon, as it always does, the honeymoon period would end. The spell would break.

The dream of projection—of the other being the savior of unrequited love—can only last so long. And so, once again, the Prince would leave unsatisfied, frustrated, lonely, searching, his eyes wandering to other Princesses, seeking the world for the one who would finally fulfill what his mother never gave him. Upon each damsel, expectation upon expectation was laid, ones she could not possibly fulfill. Attempts to control, manipulate, charm, to turn her into the love he never had would eventually fail.

He could not, at his best, control his many Princesses.

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The spell could not be cast for too long. Love could not be gotten, earned, won. Again, the honeymoon had to come to a crushing end, making way for the inevitable emotional blows that would reign. In real life, this inner treasure is discovered when outer ambitions give enough way for inner spaciousness. This is the patriarchal world we live in, an expression of unresolved trauma, our mother wound; the pain of a society that values and perpetuates patriarchal values built from the pain of separateness, a pain that keeps us busy, ambitious, distracted, stuck in a colonized mindset, and deeply afraid to feel.

The pain that keeps us experiencing ourselves as distinctly separate from our true nature, including our feminine essence, and the gentler qualities of empathy, sensitivity and Love. The boy then becomes a man—a real, mature, sensitive, compassionate, honorable, wise man. Martin Rees — Sagan refers to this quote in The Demon-Haunted World see above If it can be destroyed by the truth, it deserves to be destroyed by the truth. Hodgell , in her novel Seeker's Mask. Sometimes attributed to Contact , but the quote does not appear in that book.

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