Get a Klue: Theres a revolution in hiring coming. Are you prepared?

19 Good Jobs That Don’t Require a 4-Year College Degree
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India needs massive upgradation programmes in new technologies. Thirdly, we must create a highly flexible, resilient and adaptive workforce which is multi-skilled and has the capacity to undertake digital tasks from anywhere rather than a fixed location. Fourthly, we must initiate measures to ensure that Indians are fully prepared to embrace the new era of AI, blockchain, additive manufacturing and emerging technologies. India cannot afford to bypass this revolution.

This requires a new mindset. Our policies must drive this change. Fifthly, we must work across disciplines and institutional boundaries. We must break silos. Medical data is an example. Life saving opportunities can be utilised by sharing large sets of genomic data across different health providers and research organisations. Sixthly, our focus must be on social sector — education, health, nutrition where new technologies will enable us to improve the quality of life and enhance our human development index.

These are also the sectors where maximum jobs will be created. Countries are still navigating the early stages of this new industrial revolution. Can India jumpstart this transformation? Good news for pappu. Artificial intelligence becomes absolutely essential in the absence of natural one. The answer is a simple NO. Update Consent. Tech Science Reviews Search for:.

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Logout Login. Search for:. Companies should be testing for temperament not personality. There is a difference between our temperament and our personality. You personality will change over time, but your temperament will remain the same. In addition, we have a work temperament and a personal life temperament. If the test and the reviewer are not sophisticated enough to distinguish between work and personal temperaments, the employer will not see the benefits these test believe they are designed to deliver.

Ida Tin leads the femtech revolution with health app Clue – European CEO

Hey Perry! Thanks for pointing that out. Personality psychology is a very broad field, but inclusive of temperament. I took a PLI and PI behavioral test a while back for one of the big shipping lines, while I did well in the first attempt, for the second attempt, the tablet that they provided for me to do the test was continuously experiencing network jams, needless to say, I lost my entire 12min of a 50 questionnaire trying to make this tablet work.

I personally think the PLI test is an unfair assessment of a persons ability, taking into account all other factors that can contribute to an individual not being able to complete an online assessment? So sorry to hear that you experienced difficulties in taking the assessment. The PI Behavioral Assessment is in no way meant to replace an interview. It is, however, meant to provide insight into if an individual is naturally wired to be a fit for a given role.

Personally a lot of word repetitive association page to page is nonsense. Basically a great selling job to make money off potential employers. People are individuals and all are different. They accomplish their tasks differently based on their personalities. Good management knows how to train and work with their employees. Great article, Belinda! MBTI is not a scientifically validated assessment. The PI Behavioral Assessment, for example, has been scientifically validated over times specifically around work performance and behavioral fit for a given role.

A simple test based on your choice of chosen words that are expected vs those you know are your own does not allow for complex personality disorders to be given a fair chance in the interview process if these tests are used as part of the recruitment process and as such is actually discriminatory under many laws! I for one have taken your test and found it to be unremarkable and lacking in diagnostic capability to the job i was applying for.

I agree these personality tests are flawed and yes you will get some psychologists to agree that they are useful but you will also get many who will not agree particularly for those with complex personality types. Please know that our Science team works closely with our partners and clients to ensure that reasonable accommodation is made for candidates with disabilities of any kind. The behavioral assessment is also only one data point that can be captured during the hiring process. It should by no means be the only consideration when determining a hire.

Yes, I can stand in front of a room full of executives and give a good presentation — but at the end of the day, I may need to unwind more than someone who relishes the spotlight. When a company thinks their corporate culture should be filled with glowing go-getters but is actually a stagnant quagmire of people who never get promoted, where does that leave them? We all do. John, I agree with you, Chasity, Bob, etc.

If there are No right answers then I would like to Know the answers to what they use to hire someone!!!

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What a way to select a potential Great hire! When employers set a job target, they are looking for a range where the four different behavioral drives can land. As previously mentioned, this is a behavioral assessment, not a test. No two people are alike, so this scientifically measures four different behavioral drives as they exist in the workplace.

Thanks for your comment! I know the job search can be frustrating and difficult! The outcome depends not only on the words chosen, but also the number and how they relate to one another. As someone who also needs some time to unwind after people around people, I totally relate to you. It just means that it may be more of a stretch for you to be around people all day, which may eventually lead you to not like your job. For example, I work in content marketing here at PI.

The Job Target we set was for a higher degree of formality, which denotes better attention to detail, following set rules and structure, and things of that nature. Then, in a structured interview, an employer would ask targeted questions. Tell me about how you keep track of deadlines and details. My question is, what would happen if each customer was allowed to preform this test before they decide to go with our company or the competition??

Would that put the company in the same understanding as us, the employees that come upon this test?? After all its the Customer who we are trying to satisfy and the whole purpose of this test creation.. I also believe that company personal dedication towards any employees can make a big difference in the actual results of this test..

I have been working for two years at my company any I just got an invitation for this PI test. I have never done one of these tests. I will be waiting for any input from anyone thanks. Interesting thought.

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Impossible Foods, a fourth industrial revolution technology company, makes a There is widespread concern over the potential impact of the fourth We have a unique opportunity to leverage our public identities to have Fourthly, we must initiate measures to ensure that Indians are fully prepared to. A large number of jobs will be automated within the next 20 years "Recently, the Indian banking system has seen the beginning of the revolution. robots or automation and there is nothing you can do to change that, called 'Smart Cities' is also giving a hint to the public to stay ready," says Bharwani.

The Predictive Index is scientifically validated for the workplace, both pre-hire and post-hire. I feel these test are completely bogus. I have been in the same field for 30 years with multiple awards and many accommodations. I have excelled in every position I have been in, yet I get passed up because I cant even get in the door..

The only way to tell if someone will do the job is a face to face interview, ask your questions, check background and references, then if you are comfortable, put them in it.. Sorry, Wrong.. I simply despise these test. I just took one for a job last night, and boom today I got an email saying they were looking at other candidates. I feel that I am a great worker and can adjust to whatever work setting.

I am always honest on these test and never make it to the interview process. Wish companies would just go back to the old way of hiring and going from there.

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The point of a workplace behavioral assessment is to identify innate drives that correlate with aspects of a job. This serves two purposes: The first is that an employer is hiring someone wired for the job. For example, my Reference Profile is a Maverick. Key behavioral tendencies are high dominance, low patience, and low formality.

In a previous life, I worked as a bookkeeper. I COULD do that job, but it was exhausting to do things that were tedious and repetitive day in and day out.

How to succeed in your JOB INTERVIEW: Behavioral Questions

Hi Chasity! Incorporating behavioral assessments into the hiring process is actually a better way to predict job performance, which is good for both the employer and for you as a candidate. While you might be able and willing to adapt for a role, over time, acting outside of your natural drives will become exhausting and will likely lead to disengagement at your job. Finding the right behavioral fit is really advantageous for everyone involved. What make you believe that all people are good test takers? Some are very deliberate so there is zero chance that the assessment will be completed.

Too much credit is placed on the psychology behind these tests. How much of the acceptance of these assessments is a result to the top level management not wanting to admit they were taken by a slick sales pitch? So with open-choice, untimed assessments, such as the PI Behavioral Assessment, there should be no pressure on the test-taker. Sometimes that is what happens when we hire without the use of science. Incorporating assessments, such as a behavioral assessment, allows hiring managers to make an objective decision, rather than a gut-based decision.

Tracy gets the gold! Fact is people are capable of overcoming their natural personality preferences to meet the demands of their jobs, especially if a candidate actually wants the job.


And workplace environment greatly influences personality, thus output. So such tests really do little more than pigeonhole prospective employees on the basis of their personal preferences. However, such assessments may serve well those employers who wish to maintain a psychological profile of their workforce for whatever their reasons and to whatever their ends.

This is completly stupid. You dont do a team using this system, you do the team and you change people in that team accordling. Many times the chiefs are the problems, we can see it easly when nobody stops on that team, they are always swapping people, so the team has a problem and company too. We certainly agree that sometimes bad managers are the problem. In terms of hiring, hiring managers should understand whether people are naturally wired to complete the work this is where behavioral and cognitive assessments help prior to placing them on a team. This reduces poor job fit and resulting turnover.

Our company stopped using this method.

We base our hiring from the applicants work history, references, background checks Ect.. We realized that good people were being turned down because of this test. The competition was building a strong dependable workforce while we were struggling to meet customer demands just because this test was rejecting the applicants. We believe a firm hand shake and looking someone in the eyes is still the best policy and it has been working for us perfectly!

Tracy you are very much on point. I will not condem the Personality Test, but i strongly wish the traditional method could be substained.

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Tech s tartup founders like Pat Murray prioritize enthusiasm and determination over previous experience when hiring. But if we were to rank one, we'd pick drive every time.

Someone who's h ungry is someone who's going to do whatever it takes to excel The operative word there: hungry. Not: went to "Stanford. Again, they have nothing to do with past experience, and everything to do with hunger. Says Yoshimura, "With unemployment at record lows, the competition for top talent has literally never been greater. This has caused large companies to dramatically increase their compensation packages for 'obvious' candidates.

As such, we realized we needed to be contrarian in our hiring practices -- finding and empowering the non-obvious candidates. Here's how CSC does it: Along with creative and critical thinking tests, the interviewer asks a set of questions that is entered into the A. While some look like "normal" interview questions, it's worth looking at, for example, the one about college. If you put yourself through college, what does that say about you?

Well, a lot.